Are you looking to be the best player on your team? In your league? In your state? The greatest basketball player the sport has ever seen? Do you have an ambitious vision for greatness that you are determined to make a reality? If you harbor audacious goals to be nothing short of the best, then this challenging program offered by The Shooting Guy is your ticket to success.

We are UNLIKE ANY OTHER basketball trainers (see Ryan’s letter) out there. We take a RADICALLY INNOVATIVE but RESULTS-DRIVEN approach to training. It all begins with our recognition that BASKETBALL IS TAUGHT and LEARNED BACKWARDS! When you ask for help to learn the game, you’re given a ball and you start…here is the problem: you don’t know how to work your body and the ball together. So, most then move their body around the ball…this leaves a terrible IMPRINT on your BRAIN…One that you have to UNLEARN….

The Shooting Guy focuses on teaching you how to MOVE YOUR BODY around, how to MOVE THE BALL around your body, how to CREATE the shot that you want, the BEST SHOOTING MOTIONS along with PROPER SEQUENCING, HANDWORK and FOOTWORK–in other words, a totally HOLISTIC APPROACH that takes into account every vital aspect to BETTER PERFORMANCE.

Nothing is overlooked as we help mold you into the ULTIMATE BASKETBALL PLAYER. We work hard with you to figure out what needs improvement and help you understand how to better enhance your potential ON YOUR TERMS.

Rest assured – You are being trained by some of the finest experts in the field. Our innovative program is the product of intense research and field experience. We use advancements in SPORTS SCIENCE– such as kinesiology, biomechanics and physics, along with cross sports and discipline observation, to achieve optimal results.

We have been helping players reach their goals for many years.
From the very start, we will help you emerge a better balanced, quicker executing, highly skilled and more confident player than ever before. Like anything worth pursuing, The Shooting Guy program is tough and challenging. Through prolonged committed work, you will come out the other side with a set of skills that few posses….skills that will help you become THE

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